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Susie Deane|Tuesday 12th February to Tuesday 19th March

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Six-week handwriting course with calligraphy teacher Susie Deane

Dates: A six-week course from Tuesday 12 February – Tuesday 19 March 2019

Time: 7-8.30pm

Do you think your handwriting is rubbish? Would you like to improve it? Or would you simply like to write beautifully, more legibly, and neater at speed? This practical course will give you the tools you need to begin the process.

Through a series of individual and group exercises, you will discover which is the best pen for you and learn how to analyse and improve your writing posture, letter formation, joins and fluency.

There will be plenty of guided practice, with time given to absorbing and reinforcing your new skills, plus the opportunity to write with a quill, flourish letters and write on different papers. This is an adaptable and fun course aimed at developing a unique handwriting style to be proud of.

The course includes Idler Academy handwriting exercise books and a delicious Hendrick’s gin & tonic in each session.

Who the course is suitable for: This course is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their handwriting or learn a new style.

Here’s what past students say about Susie’s course:

“The beauty of the course was to be encouraged to write in your own style. It wasn’t structured to make you write like someone else. Having disliked my own handwriting for so many years it was quite a release to verbalise the little things of how one letter joined another and the frustration it caused.”

“Susie was an absolute delight to be taught by.”

“Susie’s course has inspired me to enjoy handwriting once again.”

“The course was one of the best that I’ve ever attended, and Susie was a marvellous teacher. Wednesday evenings just aren’t the same anymore.”

“I would have been happy with any slight improvement with my writing over the six weeks. By the end, it was nearer one hundred percent – the most fruitful course I have ever taken.”

About the

Susie Deane trained in calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute in the early 1990s.  She runs her own freelance calligraphy business and teaches calligraphy courses as well as handwriting.  Past clients including the BBC, Ford, Society of London Theatre (Olivier Awards) and City Livery Companies.



Tuesday 12 February – Tuesday 19 March 2019


6.50pm drinks for 7pm-8.30pm session


Pedlars, 128 Talbot Rd, London W11 1JA


Max of 12




Hendrick’s Gin & Tonic, handwriting exercise book


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