New: The Idler Guide to Classical Music by Sandy Burnett

Sandy Burnett

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This is the second in our new series of Idler Guide books.

It takes a close look at four key epochs in classical music history – the Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Early Twentieth Century eras – examining one work from each and explaining key terms.

Author Sandy Burnett runs the “Classical Discovery” programme at the Idler Academy and is a well known musician and broadcaster.

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Sandy also runs a wonderful online course in the history of classical music. Click on the link on the right to watch the trailer.

About the Author

Sandy Burnett is one of the most authoritative broadcasters in the field of classical music. He was a presenter on Radio 3 from 1994 till 2006, and is a busy practising musician himself. Aled Jones said to Sandy: “You are a god.” He has been teaching classical music appreciation at the Idler Academy since 2011. You can see his website here:


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