Middle Class Riot by Youth

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Having spent a lifetime making music history, Youth launches Middle Class Riot – a poetic memoir charting his prolific life in music, literature and the arts.

 Published by Bracket Press, Youth describes the book as: “A poetic narration directly informed by the psychedelic experiences that changed my life.”

Beautifully-crafted, the book encompasses a collection of psychedelic prose and Dali-esque drawings collated over the last four years.

Riots and rituals, knives and seduction, drugs and lovers, mothers and bad robots. Youth’s intense psychological themes explore the extremes of identity, sexuality, class, death and love, while his illustrations make a complex statement about the relationship of representation through imagination.

The book is dedicated to Brian Barritt, known as the British Timothy Leary, without whom, the many adventures of Youth, (including this book), would not have been complete.


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