Idler 47: Cultivate Yourself

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THE 47th issue of the annual Idler periodical is themed around education.

The Idler has gathered a number of its finest writers and speakers to produce a beautiful cloth-bound edition featuring interviews with the newly idle Jeremy Paxman and Tim Burgess, plus essays on Stoicism, English mystic Thomas Traherne, Nietzsche, anarchist Bakunin, self-defence system Bartitsu, pranks and old school curriculum, the Trivium. A former Holland Park student attacks our education system and Tom Hodgkinson introduces our campaign for the four day week with an essay outlining the history of the various campaigns over the years for a more leisure-filled life. Plus you can read the hilarious and brilliant Lucy Cooke on her favourite animal, the sloth. Every essay is designed to help you work out that tricky question: how to live.



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