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Ed Hopwood

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“Two of my favourite things are sitting on my front porch smoking a pipe of sweet hemp and playing my harmonica”
Abraham Lincoln

Played by soldiers in the trenches, cowboys whiling away time by the campfire and bluesmen the world over, the harmonica has endured as one of the most portable, accessible and expressive musical instruments.

The Idler Academy has assembled the perfect kit for the novice harmonica player. It includes:

– A classic diatonic Hohner harmonica in the key of C (RRP £35)

– An online Harmonica for Beginners course with Ed Hopwood, the Idler Academy’s harmonica tutor, with over two hours worth of video lessons (RRP £48)

– An Idler Academy exercise book for writing out notes, chords and ideas

– Idler badge and bookmark

With Ed as your guide, you will master the fundamentals of the harmonica so you can start enjoying this wonderful instrument on your own or with family and friends. Recipients will be sent a lovely gift card designed by Alice Smith, our art director, a gift-wrapped harmonica and an Idler Academy exercise book.

About the Author

Ed Hopwood is a Harmonica player and multi-instrumentalist with extensive experience of both performing and teaching.

As a harp player he has recorded for BBC Radio 4 Comedy series “Mums On The Run” and English Indie band “ The Mystery Jets” as well as currently playing for acclaimed U.K Blues and roots artist “Mark Harrison”.

Ed also plays guitar and sings in an Old-time American string band as well as attending and hosting many folk sessions around the city. He has a degree in popular music from the University of West London.

In addition to playing and teaching music, Ed has been creating a living and performance space in a large tug boat on the Thames.


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What You Get

A Hohner diatonic harmonica in the key of C and the Harmonica for Beginners Online Course with Ed Hopwood, with two hours worth of lessons and pdf notes.


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