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Spend Christmas listening to some of the greatest music ever written with fresh ears and greater understanding. In his online course and book, broadcaster Sandy Burnett introduces four key eras in classical music history – the Baroque, Classical, Romantic and twentieth-century – focusing on a major work from each period.

A perfect gift for anyone looking for a way into the rich world of classical music, this gift pack includes:

– Sandy Burnett’s online course, an Introduction to Classical Music, totalling over three hours of video lessons (RRP £60)

The Idler Guide to Classical Music by Sandy Burnett, a beautifully produced and handy primer on classical music history (£8.95)

– An Idler Academy exercise book for writing down notes (RRP £3.95)

– Idler bookmark and badge



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Recipients will be sent a gift card designed by Alice Smith, our art director, a gift-wrapped book, an Idler Academy exercise book, a bookmark and badge


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