Brave Old World: How to Live in the Country by Tom Hodgkinson

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Signed Hardback First Edition of Tom Hodgkinson’s guide to country living, based on ten years living on a Devon smallholding.

Drawing on the wisdom of an eclectic range of thinkers and writers, on medieval calendars and manorial records, and, as ever, on Tom Hodgkinson’s own honestly recounted and frequently imperfect attempts to travel the road to self-sufficiency, Brave Old World is designed to give us all hope. Why, he asks, shouldn’t we return to the ideals of a pre-capitalist, pre-Puritan, pre-consumerist world of feasting, dancing, horse-riding, wood-chopping, fire-laying, poultry-rearing, bartering, bread-baking and bee-keeping?

From January to December, Brave Old World charts the progress of a year in pursuit of the pleasures of the past, taking seriously – though not without much incidental comedy – G.K. Chesterton’s exhortation, ‘We must go back to freedom or forward to slavery’.

‘A delightful read,’ James Delingpole, Mail on Sunday.

‘Hugely inspiring,’ Sarah Bakewell, New Statesman.

‘Bizarre yet always beguiling,’ Daily Mail


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