Autumn Beekeeping with Bill Anderson

Saturday 30th September

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Detail from Der Bienenfreund (friend of the bees) by Hans Thoma, 1863

Fancy keeping bees but can’t commit a lot of time? How does a few hours twice a year sound? Come and learn the ethical and practical fundamentals of Idle beekeeping: the Idle Hive and how to manage it, getting started with your bees, harvesting honey and making mead.

For a beekeeper September is the time for bottling freshly harvested honey, making mead and melting down wax for candles. Generally you would be preparing your bees for the winter. If you haven’t kept bees before this is the time to learn and prepare for the Spring ahead when you will settle in your first colonies, and idle Beekeeper Bill Anderson will be helping you on your way.

The class is suitable for beginners and newly started beekeepers.

Bill Anderson

With a day job as a successful TV drama director, urban beekeeper Bill Anderson spends his spare time with his bees on the roof of his house in Notting Hill. He uses Warré hives which emulate the bees’ natural habitat in the wild – a cavity in a tree –  whilst also making it easy to harvest honey and being very low maintenance – the perfect system for idlers.

Bill says, “I prefer to think of myself as more of a hive-keeper than a beekeeper: the bees aren’t under lock and key.  They’re always free to leave my hives whenever they feel like it – just like an inn-keeper’s customers.  So I try and offer them the most desirable room at the inn…”




Saturday 30 September


2pm – 6pm


Meet at Pedlars, Talbot Road, just off Portobello Road.




Idler Academy Exercise book and pencil


Maximum of 14

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