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How to Write a Song with Chris Difford

Online | Online course

Award-winning lyricist Chris Difford of Squeeze teaches the art of songwriting in this interactive course, which promises to unleash your creative potential. … Read more

A History of London with Dr Matthew Green

Online | Online course

Join historian and broadcaster Dr Matthew Green on an historical joyride through 800 years of London’s history, from the Middle Ages to the Blitz, which will bring the Unreal City to life like never before…. Read more

Learn Latin with Harry Mount Part Three

Online | Online course

In Part Three of “Learn Latin with Harry Mount”, you’ll use your knowledge from Part One and Two to translate Latin prose and poetry from Horace, Tacitus and others…. Read more

Harmonica for Beginners with Ed Hopwood

Online | Online course

Learn how to play the harmonica in our twelve part course, which covers everything from breathing patterns and hand position to learning by ear and classic blues riffs…. Read more


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