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Ukulele Ensemble Playing

6 Mar - 10 Apr | Event

Ukulele ensemble playing will concentrate on improving playing as a group and will focus on playing different parts, different rhythms and will introduce some new strums…. Read more

Ukulele for Beginners

6 Mar - 10 Apr | Event

Danny Wootton’s ever popular Ukulele for Beginners course is back and will cover basic chords, strumming and music theory. Our ukulele courses are enormous fun, satisfying and include an end of term performance to which all friends and family are invited…. Read more

Taxidermy Masterclass with Meesh Bryant

11 Feb | Event

Learn all the basic steps of taxidermy: whether you want to create your own masterpiece or just learn a little more about the process, this class is the perfect introduction. If you’ve ever… Read more

Transform Your Handwriting

11 Jan - 15 Feb | Event

Do you feel your handwriting needs improving? Would  you like to write beautifully, more legibly or neater at speed? This practical course will give you the tools you need…. Read more

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