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Ukulele for Beginners

24 Jan - 7 Mar | Pedlars

Danny Wootton’s ever popular Ukulele for Beginners course is back. Idler ukulele courses are enormous fun, satisfying and include an end of term performance to which all friends and family are invited…. Read more


Ukulele for Intermediates

24 Jan - 7 Mar | Event

Danny Wootton brings in high achieving musicians to play with the group and you will learn how to play as part of a band. Come and be part of the Idler ukulele club!… Read more

Harmonica for Beginners

1 Feb - 15 Feb | Pedlars

This course covers harmonica fundamentals such as hand position and getting good clear notes on the instrument. You will learn tunes and key riffs from folk, country and blues styles…. Read more

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