The Happy Kitchen: Seven Lessons in Good Mood Food with Rachel Kelly and Alice Mackintosh

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The Happy Kitchen: Seven Lessons in Good Mood Food with Rachel Kelly and Alice Mackintosh

Can you eat for happiness? Author Rachel Kelly, who has had a history of depression, shares her personal experience of harnessing the power of food. Over the course of five years, she has worked with nutritional therapist Alice Mackintosh to build up a range of recipes, designed to boost energy, relieve low mood, comfort a troubled mind, support hormonal balance and help you sleep soundly.

In this Idler Academy online course, Rachel and Alice explain the principles of eating for happiness by introducing seven easy and nutritious recipes from their book The Happy Kitchen: Good Mood Food. Learn more about the mood-enhancing power of ingredients like Vitamin B and raw cacao, and find joy in cooking food that improves wellbeing.

Course Outline

Introduction: Rachel’s Story

Lesson One: Balanced Energy – Nutritiously nutty granola (21 mins)

Lesson Two: Beating the Blues – Happy Smoothie (24 mins)

Lesson Three: Nice and Calm – Sundried Tomato Hummus (22 mins)

Lesson Four: Mental Clarity – Alice’s Creamy Scrambled Eggs (17 mins)

Lesson Five: Hormonal Peace – Three Bean Salad (24 mins)

Lesson Six: Sweet Dreams – Midnight dip (15 mins)

Lesson Seven: Comfort Food – Dark Chocolate Brazil Nut Brownies (25 mins)


About the tutors


In her early thirt­ies, Rac­hel Kelly suf­fered two major de­pres­sive epi­sodes. These two epi­sodes have be­come the de­fin­ing events of her life. Since then, she has writt­en about the con­di­tion, and her re­covery, in books that have been read by tens of thousands of peo­ple. Her mem­oir Black Rain­bow was a Sun­day Times be­stsell­er in 2014, and her second book on wellbe­ing Walk­ing on Sunshine: 52 Small Steps to Hap­pi­ness is an in­ter­nation­al be­stsell­er and has been pub­lished in the USA, Canada, Poland, Ger­many, Tur­key and Croatia.

Rac­hel now speaks pub­lic­ly about her ex­peri­ence of de­press­ion and re­cove­ry to help educate and break stig­ma. She is an of­fici­al am­bassador for Re­think Ment­al Il­l­ness, Young Minds, Sane and The Co­un­sell­ing Foun­da­tion, and her latest book The Happy Kitch­en: Good Mood Food, co-authored with Alice Mackintosh, was pub­lished in Janua­ry 2017.

Alice Mackintosh

Alice Mackintosh, (Hons) Phys, BSc (Hons) NT, mBant, originally set out to qualify as a medical doctor, but ultimately felt that taking a natural approach to healthcare seemed a more effective way of helping others. She has degrees in both Nutritional Therapy and Biomedical Sciences and now works as a consultant in London’s Harley Street.



What You Get

Seven video-based lessons, pdf notes with recipes and additional resources, access to the community forum where you can pose questions and share your thoughts.




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