Public Speaking: two evening course

David Butter|Wednesday 2nd November to Wednesday 16th November

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Extreme merriment at Westbourne Grove Church

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Public Speaking with David Butter
Essential Public Speaking skills – a two-evening crash course for work and for life

Wednesdays 2nd and 16th November, 6:30 – 9pm
Includes cocktails on arrival, training materials, group and personal coaching.
Banish your fears and build you confidence in front of an audience!
This event follows excellent feedback from David Butter’s previous Public Speaking programmes: “Each of the students improved dramatically! You took us on a confidence boosting personal journey as well as giving us the practical training for this professional skill. The course was perfectly structured. The notes gave confidence. We had all the materials we needed to structure and learn to practise our own speeches, and we will be able to refer to them from now on whenever we need to speak publicly.”

Whether you are a professional who lives (and dies!) by the quality of your performance on your feet; or you work for a charity and need to engage supporters ( and funding); or you have ever (or indeed never!) been invited to speak at a social event, this course is for you.
Whether you are loud or quiet, extrovert or introvert, an ‘old hand’ or new to public speaking, this course will help you to find your voice and better project the authentic you in your own style.
David Butter’s public speaking expertise extends from keynote speaking, business presenting, advertising pitching, conference chairing, panel hosting , workshop facilitating, fundraising, leadership training, executive mentoring, student coaching, government lobbying, residents associating – to wedding ‘MCing’
Over the past ten years as an IAF- Certified Professional Facilitator David has delivered speeches and training courses in over 50 countries and has been a regular attendee at TED conferences, home of some of the finest examples of public speaking. Before that he was a senior international advertising executive with WPP where he learned successfully to cajole, engage and persuade audiences on behalf of major commercial, public and not-for-profit organisations.

1. WEEK 1 – Wednesday 2nd November – Performing! The Physical Skills
We will start with a discussion of the kinds of speaking each participant currently performs, would like to – or is avoiding. We will understand the challenges we face and provide tips, techniques and training to overcome the fears and phobias that every public speaker can experience. We will work on the physical skills: eyes and ears, hands and feet, voice and breathing.

We will learn how to plan the content of your speeches.  We practice techniques including ‘say what you’re going to say, say it, they say what you said,’ and learn how to PREP.

We will consider audience and environment; structure and crafting; and writing and scripting.

By the end of this first session each participant will already have acquired greater confidence in standing and delivering to the rest of the group, and be ready to prepare their own speech before the second week’s lesson.

WEEK 2 – Wednesday 16th November: Engaging! The Communication Skills
In the second week we put it all together – combining the physical skills and the preparation skills to engage our audience and to create empathy, persuasion and entertainment. We will practice communications skills including rhetoric, rhythm, repetition and response. At the end, each of us will stand and deliver in our own style to warm applause from our audience.

About the Tutor

David is a live communications expert who has ‘stood and delivered’ in front of both small groups and audiences of up to 1000 as a keynote speaker, business presenter, advertising pitcher, conference chair, panel host, workshop facilitator, fundraiser, leadership trainer, executive mentor, student coach and wedding MC. He has run programmes for organisations such as the BBC, EY, Lloyds Bank, Star Alliance, Yahoo and WPP, as well as for schools and universities, and charities and small businesses in over fifty countries, delivering in English, French, German and Spanish. He is a regular attendee at TED conferences, an IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator and a trustee of Shakespeare’s Globe. Before setting up his own communications company he was a senior international advertising and marketing executive with WPP. Check out his website at www.davidbutter,com



The Idler Academy at Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W2 5EU


Wednesday 2nd and 16th November 2016


6:30 – 9:30pm


2 x 2.5 hour sessions


Maximum of 9



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Hendrick’s Cocktails on arrival, Idler exercise book, training materials


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