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Welcome to Harry Mount’s online Latin course.

Latin – the universal key to Romance languages. Latin – the language that dominated Europe, from Hadrian’s Wall to north Africa, from the Atlantic coast to the Aegean Sea. Latin – the really easy-to-learn language.

OK, it isn’t so easy to compose verse in Latin. But it’s not so hard to learn the construction of a Latin sentence, and to begin to understand the lines of even a complex master like Virgil.

Start learning Latin today with the Idler Academy’s Online Latin Course Bundle. Buy the courses together and save £59 on the regular retail price. This bundle includes Parts One, Two and Three of Harry Mount’s Latin lessons for the Idler Academy

Harry is a journalist, author and and pundit who writes for the Daily Telegraph, the Spectator and many other publications. His books include the best-selling Amo, Amas, Amat: How to Become a Latin Lover (Short Books) and Harry Mount’s Odyssey: In the Footsteps of Ancient Greece (Bloomsbury). He also contributes a Latin column teaching the Oldie magazine. In the Idler Academy Latin course, he will be your teacher and guide.

In Part One, you will master the rudiments of Latin, including word order, cases, genders, four conjugations and five declensions. In Part Two, you will build on the knowledge acquired in the first part to start constructing more complicated sentences, involving the subjunctive, the gerundive and the dreaded ablative absolute. Finally, in Part Three, you will use your Latin knowledge to translate longer pieces of Latin prose and poetry from Roman masters like Tacitus and Horace. With Harry’s help, you can take your Latin up to A-level standard. The course also offers a pile of useful notes, downloadable as a pdf, and access to our Latin lovers forum, where you can pose queries to Mr Mount.

Learn Latin with Harry Mount, Part One

In Part One of “Learn Latin with Harry Mount”, you’ll be guided wittily through the first steps of learning Latin.

Learn Latin with Harry Mount Part Two

In Part Two of “Learn Latin with Harry Mount”, you’ll build on your knowledge from Part One to produce more complicated Latin sentences.

Learn Latin with Harry Mount Part Three

In Part Three of “Learn Latin with Harry Mount”, you’ll use your knowledge from Part One and Two to translate Latin prose and poetry from Horace, Tacitus and others.


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