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Business for Bohemians: an Introduction to the Tools and Techniques of Entrepreneurship with Tom Hodgkinson

This is a great eight-part online course for anyone who’d like to make a living doing what they love. Drawing on twenty years of experience as a freelancer and small business owner, author Tom Hodgkinson gives the lowdown on the essential principles and techniques of business, from accounting and spreadsheets to marketing and the art of keeping your head. The course is based on Tom’s book Business for Bohemians, described by entrepreneur Luke Johnson as “brilliant”. The Financial Times wrote of the book: “Extremely funny… the zeigeist has finally caught up with his thinking.”

So join the small business revolution today and free yourself from wage slavery! Whether you have already started down the road to freedom, or are planning to make the leap, you’ll find this course both useful and inspiring.

The Idler Academy’s Business for Bohemians course consists of two and half hours of downloadable video plus course notes, quiz, forum and certificate of completion.

Course outline:

Introduction 4.04

Part One: How Do You Want to Live? 11.38

Part Two: The Business Plan 32.34

Part Three: Learning to Love the Spreadsheet 12.46

Part Four: The Art of Accounting 13.03

Part Five: Price and Product 17.14

Part Six: The Importance of Being Stoic 12.24

Part Seven: Marketing and Selling 18.54

Part Eight: On the Money 21.21


TOTAL TIME: 147.43

Business for Bohemians

About the Tutor

Tom is editor of the Idler and author of the best-selling manuals, How to be Idle and How to be Free. Other books include a book on smallholding called Brave Old World and a book on parenting. His latest guide is The Ukulele Handbook.




What You Get

Eight video lessons plus an introduction and conclusion; handy .pdf notes with tips and resources; access to the community forum, where you can ask Tom questions about your creative business venture.


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