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Idler Membership is your chance to join an international community of idlers who are united in their belief that life should be fun-filled, leisure-packed and offer plenty of time for doing absolutely nothing.

Join the Idler as a member and receive the following benefits:

• 30% discount on all online courses

• 10% discount on all purchases made through the Idler website and real-life shop, including books, Idler Academy real-life courses and event, and the various ephemera we produce to help you enjoy your idling time

• access to The Common Room, a community forum where you can shoot the breeze with other idlers and organise meet-ups

• access to The Library, our ever-expanding digital archive of twenty years of back issues of the Idler, extended videos, the classic English essays, Tom Hodgkinson’s columns and articles, radical literature, photo gallery, instructive text books and more besides

• invitations to book launches at The Idler Academy in London.

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Cost: £35 per annum.