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Susie Deane|Wednesday 11th January to Wednesday 15th February

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Six week handwriting course with calligraphy teacher Susie Deane

Dates: A 6 week course from Wednesday  11th January 2017 – Wednesday 15th February 2017.

Time: 7-8.30pm

Course description: Do you think your handwriting is rubbish? Would you like to improve it? Or would you simply like to write beautifully, more legibly, and neater at speed?  This practical course will give you the tools you need to begin the process. It is an ongoing practice and you are welcome to join this course after the first evening.

Through a series of individual and group exercises, you will first discover which is the best pen for you and then learn how to analyse and improve your writing posture, letter formation, joins and fluency.

There will be plenty of guided practice with time given to absorbing and reinforcing your new skills, with the aim of developing a unique handwriting style to be proud of.

Who the course is suitable for: this course is suitable for anyone who would like to improve their handwriting or learn a new style.

How to book: click on the “buy now” button or telephone us on 020 3176 7907.  Email


About the

Susie Deane trained in calligraphy at the Roehampton Institute in the early 1990s.  She runs her own freelance calligraphy business and teaches calligraphy courses as well as handwriting.  Past clients including the BBC, Ford, Society of London Theatre (Olivier Awards) and City Livery Companies.



A six week course from Wednesday 11th January 2017 to Wednesday 15th of February 2017


6.50pm drinks for 7pm-8.30pm session

Course length

Six weeks


The Idler Academy at Great Western Studios, 65 Alfred Road, London W2 5EU


Max of 12




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