Business for Bohemians Seminar with Hilary Gallo and Tom Hodgkinson

Hilary Gallo|Tuesday 31st January

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The Art of Negotiation, with author and former corporate lawyer Hilary Gallo

Tonight, Idler editor and author Tom Hodgkinson will conduct a seminar on the art of gentle negotiation. Our teacher will be former corporate lawyer Hilary Gallo, author of The Power of Soft, or “how to get what you want and still be nice”.

The Power of Soft is a different way to approach negotiation – in life and in business. It’s based on Hilary’s experience of solving difficult negotiations in large organisations, mediating small disputes and even working with primary school children. Negotiating without resorting to anger or trickery is an important skill for the bohemian in business, and Hilary will show us how to reach agreements where both parties feel happy. Hilary will be signing copies of his book after the talk. Tom will also be signing copies of his new book Business for Bohemians, the guide to business for creative entrepreneurs.

The event includes a glass of wine arrival.

About the Speaker

Hilary started his career at city law firm Clifford Chance. In those days he argued hard with logic. Eventually Hilary moved to be a commercial negotiator in industry and found himself negotiating bigger and bigger deals where he realised that the “tough guy” style wasn’t working and at times was even catastrophically failing. Hilary had a big re-think and over time, he worked out a very different approach which allowed him to be hard where he needed to be and soft where he could be.

He went on to work for Accenture and Capgemini as a Commercial Director and as a negotiator to some of their most significant deals. Hilary eventually realised that everything we do in life is a negotiation and wrote a book “The Power of Soft” about this balanced whole life approach.

Nowadays he works with leaders who use his insights to be more creative, both in business and in their wider lives. Hilary works with clients of all shapes and sizes, from big organisations like the BBC to law firms and small startup entrepreneurs. The thing that interests him the most is helping people work closer together which first involves solving the things that drive us apart.



Tuesday 31st January 2017


6pm – 8.30pm


Albion, Unit 1, The Turnmill, 63 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1N 5NP. Tel 020 3862 0750



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Wine upon arrival and bar open in the break.


20% off dinner at Albion after the event.


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