Business for Bohemians: How to be a Leader with David Butter

David Butter|Tuesday 13th June to Tuesday 20th June

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Leadership for Bohemians with David Butter

In his book Business for Bohemians, Tom Hodgkinson asks: How will you take responsibility for what you do? What is the purpose and meaning behind what you’re doing? What difference are you making? Who do you need to take with you? Indeed: what’s the point?

This new course, led by leadership expert and professional coach David Butter, is designed to help everyone be a better leader, whether leading change, leading a team, or most importantly leading yourself. Whether you want to be the next Damien Hirst, stay small doing your own thing or take one step at a time, this course is perfect for you.

“Growth is natural, growth is good,” as management guru Charles Handy told the Idler.

Leadership for Bohemians will help you to lead in whatever path you have chosen or are thinking of choosing: to grow your seed within, to discover your gift, to share it with others and to create a sustainable life.

Unsure where to start? We understand the challenge! Amazon offers over 65,000 books on leadership. The Harvard Business Review provides over fifty years of leadership research and advice – much of it contradictory. Take the time to join our Leadership for Bohemians course and learn how to lead with and from others in a welcoming and fun environment.

This course will offer everyone the opportunity to think about and discuss their own leadership questions

  • Why are we doing what we’re doing? What is the difference we want to make? What mindset do we need to succeed and escape the ‘same old, same old’? Great leadership changes the world for the better. How does what we do or want to do change lives? save lives? improve lives? What is our goal?
  • Where are each of us as leaders today: What do we do well? Where would we like to improve?
  • Who are our customers, stakeholders and teams? Why should they follow us? What is our story? What is our plan?
  • Anyone can be a leader – everyone should be a leader! All we need is a dream and a vision, and the mindset and resources to make it happen.

The Idler Academy is pleased to offer idlers best practice from the corporate world at a fraction of the normal cost. Over the course of two evenings, professional coach David Butter will provide tools, tips, techniques, templates and practical advice to help everyone become a better leader:

  • Learning how leadership starts with self-awareness, empathy and active listening.
  • Understanding how leaders ask smart questions, engage others, tell stories, think before responding, make decisions, create followers
  • Practicing 10 core leadership behaviours
  • Developing our own personal and professional leadership.

About the Tutor

David is an advisor, coach and mentor to leaders and leadership teams across business, professional services, the media, education, the arts and charities. He has created and led successful teams, businesses, customers and networks in the UK and around the world in many different markets.

He is also on the board of The Globe ( Shakespeare provides much inspiration for leaders), of Speakers Trust ( helping young leaders to speak and be heard) and of Kilfinan Trust (mentoring leaders in the not-for-profit sector).

David is an IAF-Certified Professional Facilitator, a highly effective communicator and public speaker, and a lively and high energy course leader.

Check out his website at www.davidbutter,com



A two-part course on Tuesday 13th June and Tuesday 20th June


6.30pm – 9pm


Pedlars, 128 Talbot Rd, London W11 1JA


Hendrick’s Cocktails on arrival, Idler exercise book, training materials

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