Shakespeare Club: Reading ‘The Winter’s Tale’, with Valentin Gerlier

Wednesday 1st March to Wednesday 12th April

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Reading Shakespeare is an adventure in a world of deep and moving drama, complex characters, and compelling, beautiful poetry. Yet as he himself reminds us, drama also ‘holds the mirror up to nature’, and reading Shakespeare can also be an adventure in self-understanding, an exploration of our own relationships to self, other and world.

Centred around a close reading of Shakespeare’s beautiful late romance The Winter’s Tale, this six week course will offer a guided but open-ended approach that encourages meaningful discussion, exploration of meanings and exchanges of ideas centred on the text rather than on opinions about it. Our aim will be to take an approach that seeks to learn from, and through, rather than merely about Shakespeare.


The course is led by Valentin Gerlier. Valentin is a holistic and inspirational teacher and lecturer, teaching with an approach that promotes philosophical self-reflection and fosters artistic and intellectual creativity, through an engagement with poetry, literature, myth, and philosophy.

Valentin’s teaching also links into his work as a writer and musician – specifically, how reflection on truth and love of beauty can bring about harmony, as well as the possibility of transformative ways of thinking about and encountering the world and our relationship with others. Valentin’s teaching practice centres on dialogue – dialogue with oneself, dialogue with others and dialogue with the sources studied.  

Valentin is a lecturer in Literature, Philosophy and Religion and tutor at the Temenos Academy, co-editor of the Temenos Academy Review and visiting lecturer for the Prince of Wales’ School of Traditional Arts and the William Blake Society among others. He is currently a graduate student (PhD) at the University of Cambridge, writing on Shakespeare and the language of grace. He is a life-long Shakespeare fanatic and has written, lectured on, acted in, directed and taught Shakespeare for many years.

Valentin regularly lectures and give seminars on Greek Philosophy, Shakespeare and Romantic Poetry, and the confluence between Philosophy, Religion and the arts. Valentin has also been, since 1998, a professional touring musician and is in the process of recording a new album of original material.



1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd March, 5th & 12th April 2017, Please note there will be a break on Wednesday 29th March


6.40pm drinks, 7pm start, 8.10pm finish.

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Add to basket or call 0203 176 7907


6 sessions, 1.5 hours per session


Pedlars, 128 Talbot Rd, London W11 1JA




Hendrick’s G&T on arrival, Idler exerise book

Materials Needed

Any edition of the play is welcome, though we strongly suggest using the Arden edition.


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