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Public Speaking Day Course, Sunday 21st September

Public Speaking with David Butter now booking

Sunday 21st September: 11.00 am – 3.30 pm
Banish your fears and build your confidence in front of an audience!
Whether you are an ‘old hand’ or a ‘nervous novice’ …


Course: An Introduction to Ancient Philosophy with Dr Mark Vernon

All you need to know about the philosophical schools of Ancient Greece — and how they can help your daily life — on our six week evening course.


Monday 22nd September to Monday 27th October


General introduction: …

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Lives of the Great Composers – Starts Tuesday 23rd September

Lives of the Great Composers – 6 week course with Sandy Burnett now booking.
Dates: Tuesday 23rd September to Tuesday 4th November with a break on Tuesday 21st October.
Times: 6:45 – 8:15pm
Course Description: Following his …


Class: Book-keeping for Idlers, 23 September, 6.30pm

Top accountant Emily Coltman comes to the Idler Academy to demystify that most terrifying of activities: keeping accounts.


Are you excited about starting your new business or going self-employed — but frightened of getting your taxes wrong?  Looking forward …
Sale! Vintage at Southbank Centre 2011
From: £20

Course: Learn to Lindy Hop

6 Part Learn to Lindy Hop Course with Oliver Broadbent and Jenny Millman

Dates: Weekly from Wednesday 24th September to Wednesday 29th October 2014

Times: 6.30pm-8:30pm

Course description: Swing dancing is highly compatible with the Idle lifestyle. All you need …

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