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Day course: Book-keeping for Idlers, 19 October

A four hour session with top accountant Emily Coltman for the newly self-employed or newly started in business

Do you spend ages doing your business’s books, and would you like to learn how to do them more efficiently – …


Class: Book-keeping for Idlers, 23 September, 6.30pm

Top accountant Emily Coltman comes to the Idler Academy to demystify that most terrifying of activities: keeping accounts.


Are you excited about starting your new business or going self-employed — but frightened of getting your taxes wrong?  Looking forward …

Public Speaking Day Course, Sunday 21st September

Public Speaking with David Butter now booking

Sunday 21st September: 11.00 am – 3.30 pm
Banish your fears and build your confidence in front of an audience!
Whether you are an ‘old hand’ or a ‘nervous novice’ …


Course: Elocution with Sir Timothy Ackroyd

British actor Sir Timothy Ackroyd teaches the old-fashioned skills of elocution. The classes will be held in small groups with two different categories.


The first is for international professionals who would like to improve their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. …


Public Speaking 2 – Speak like a professional with David Butter

Sunday 12th October: 11.00 am – 3.30 pm
Includes coffee, light lunch, training materials, group and personal coaching.
This course is suitable both for those with some existing experience of public speaking or giving presentations, as well as …

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