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Gwynne’s Latin: The Ultimate Introduction to Latin

Mr Gwynne, author of the Sunday Times bestselling phenomenon Gwynne’s Grammar, is just as passionate about Latin as he is about grammar. From the novice to the more well-versed, Gwynne’s Latin is essential for anyone interested in learning Latin; …


The Last Word by Hanif Kureishi, signed first edition hardback

Order your signed copy of Hanif Kureishi’s clever, funny new novel The Last Word, and get a free Idler Academy pencil into the bargain. This is a service that Amazon simply cannot provide!




Brilliantly funny and


Book: Trivium 21C by Martin Robinson


A readable and lively argument for the reintroduction of the tripartite foundation of the ancient liberal education – grammar, logic and rhetoric.


Author Martin Robinson argues that in its emphasis both on knowledge and critical thinking, the Trivium …


Book: Life After the State by Dominic Frisby Signed Copy

Says Tom Hodgkinson: “This rollicking defence of anarcho-capitalism is a fantastic read and is packed for good ideas to revolutionise both society and your everyday life. Frisby takes all our common assumptions around money, government and business and turns them …

OR Book Going Rouge

Book: Auto-Pilot ~ The Art and Science of Doing Nothing by Andrew Smart


Tom Hodgkinson writes: “This is a brilliant study of what the brain does when we do nothing. It turns out that it does quite a lot. Not only that, but the stuff that it does when we do nothing …

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