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From Mr Horvath. January 2010

Posted in Readers' Letters on 24 October 2010

Dear Mr Hodgkinson,

I recently finished The Freedom Manifesto [the US version of How To Be Free], and, as an example of its impact on me, I have thus far purchased three additional copies to hand out to friends.

I’m not quite sure if the book taught me something new or if it simply helped me to solidify my present philosophy (probably both) but I’m a better man for having come across your work.

Almost every theme in the book, from punk rock to existentialism to medievalism, was something that I had already connected with. And, yet, I had never realized the way in which all those ideas were connected to each other.

Seeing that my interests were more than just a hodgepoge of personal styles and tastes, that they actually come together to form a specific and particular world view, I can now honestly embrace these ideals with a new confidence.

The spirit of these ideals has been with me all along. For instance, I made a feature film six years ago entitled Leisure which fits in quite well with the principals of The Idler.

I shall have it online soon, but if you’re interested at all, the website is

It is extremely low-budget (raising money, after all, isn’t exactly the ideal endeavour for the idle person) but it is also well-written and received some good press and awards.
Chris Horvath, USA

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