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A Country Diary: 54

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 9 July 2007

I SHOT A RAT yesterday. Just to see it die. No, what really happened was that a rat got stuck in the pig feed bin. Victoria found it. It was leaping up in the air, but couldn’t get quite high …

A Country Diary: 55

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 7 June 2007

THE MOST EXCITING event of the past month has been the arrival on Monday this week of two pigs. They are weaners, a cross between Saddleback and Devon Black. They are mainly black and cost thirty quid each. We plan …

Country Diary 53

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 24 April 2007

Country Diary
24 April 2007

AS EVER, there have been both triumphs and disasters in the garden. Mainly disasters. A little Scottie puppie has been visiting us and savaged the new bunny, Georgina. She lived but had two bloody ears …

A Country Diary: 52

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 14 March 2007

I’M WRITING THIS week’s diary by hand as I’ve been getting increasingly fed up with computers. With pen and paper, nothing much can go wrong and also there is no outside force to come between you and the writing. The …

A Country Diary: 51

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 6 February 2007

THE WOOD-BURNING stove has been ripping through the logs in this cold weather. This speed of burning has led to me to reconsider our fuel system. In the past I have bought huge £100 loads from the local National Trust …

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