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Country Diary 69: The Pigs Are Dead

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 27 November 2007

THE PIGS ARE DEAD. The night before killing day, Sunday, Victoria and I sat with our John Seymour and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall books and read about blood puddings, offal, quartering heads, brawn, chorizo, scalding the skin, butchering, salting and all the …

A Country Diary: 59

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 30 October 2007

30 October 2007

DISASTER WITH THE pigs. Over half term we went away for a week to visit relatives, and we left the pigs in the charge of our neighbours. When we returned there was a rather stern note on …

A Country Diary: 58

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 15 October 2007

THERE’S BEEN more death on the farm. The fox came back and took all the hens, leaving only the young cockerel, who now wanders around lone and forlorn, with only pigs, a rabbit and the cats for company. Often I …

A Country Diary: 57

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 25 September 2007

SOME DAYS ARE GOOD, some days are bad. Sunday was a bad one. Well, the evening was, anyway. First Victoria and I had been arguing about cleaning. I suggested that maybe she’d like to clean up her pony’s shit from …

Country Diary 55, 11 September 2007

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 11 September 2007

WELL, IT’S been three long months since the last instalment, during which time I have done very little work, been to four festivals, drunk a huge amount of beer and wine, and watched weeds completely cover the vegetable patch. One …

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