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Country Diary 84

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 8 July 2009

THANKS TO THE GOOD weather, everything in the vegetable garden has been shooting up. I lifted the early potatoes. There were about ten kilos of them, which at Riverford prices are worth about ten pounds. Delicious, but is it really …

A Country Diary 83

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 14 May 2009

MAY HAS come at last, the merry month of May, and I have bought a copy of Thomas Tusser’s One Hundred Points of Good Husbandry, first published in the 16th century. Tusser himself was rather a comical and even sad …

A Country Diary 81

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 9 February 2009

Problems with Wood

OVER THE LAST two months, we have been mainly concerned with keeping warm. Now that we have two wood-burning stoves, writes Tom Hodgkinson, the amount of work for me in wood-chopping and preparation has nearly doubled.…

Country Diary 81

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 19 November 2008

ONE MORNING IN MID OCTOBER, I DECIDED THAT I could save a fortune by brewing my own beer. Right now I am spending anything from £1.20 to £2 per bottle of fine ale, and it’s all adding up to a …

Country Diary 80

Posted in Tom Hodgkinson’s Country Diary on 16 October 2008

IN THE VEGETABLE GARDEN, not much is happening apart from nasturtiums. There are nasturtiums everywhere: yellow, red and orange. Such a fantastic flower. Very easy to grow, nice to look at and delicious to eat. The pods can be pickled …

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