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Why the Labour movement should embrace a shorter working day

Posted in Idle Thoughts, Member area, News on 18 October 2013

Here is Bernard Marszalek’s a review of Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream by Benjamin Hunnicutt. The book examines the history of campaigns in the US – often successful – to introduce a shorter working day. Marszalek urges the labour …

Excellent attack on the ideology of hard work by economics professor

Posted in Idle Thoughts, News on 18 October 2013

Here is a superb piece by David Spencer, Professor of Political Economy at the Leeds University Business School. Prof Spencer argues that society needs more idleness, not less. CLICK HERE TO READ THE PIECE.

The Moneyless Manifesto Book Launch

Posted in Announcements, Idle Thoughts, News on 27 November 2012

We at the The Idler Academy were recently privileged to host the launch of Mark Boyle’s book, The Moneyless Manifesto (Permanent Publications).


Here is Idler editor Tom Hodgkinson introducing the book with a rendition on the ukulele of the …

Link: The Science of Idling

Posted in Announcements, Idle Thoughts, News on 21 November 2012

Thank you to American publisher and activist Bernard Marszalek for alerting us to these two pieces on the science of idling from Nature.


The first tells us what the brain does when it’s idling, and the answer is, …

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