Book store

The Idler Academy is based at a traditional bookseller. We sell beautiful and educational books, plus English classics. There is a second hand section. Our selection is designed to cater for those who wish to enrich their everyday life with knowledge and skills.

Opening hours:
Wednesday: 10am till 6pm
Thursday: 10am till 6pm
Friday: 10am till 6pm
Saturday: 10am till 6pm
Sunday: Closed
Monday and Tuesday: Call 0207 221 5908 to make an appointment.

CLICK HERE to visit our online bookstore.

We offer a range of bookselling services including next day ordering and Idler Book Club recommendations.


We offer a service whereby we help you to choose a fantastic selection of new and second hand books for an instant library of any size. We recently, for example, created a small library of 100 beautiful and useful books for an Englishman’s flat in Paris. Email Julian Mash on for more details.


In addition we offer a wholesale service for those who wish to sell Idler products in their shops. We offer healthy discounts for reasonable orders of the following items: Idlers, Idler t-shirts and hoodies, signed Freedom Manifesto prints, Alice Smith handmade greetings cards, Latin and other tea towels, and Idler mugs. Please email for more information. Or call 0207 221 5908.