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Live: Damon Young on Philosophy and Gardens

Philosopher Damon Young’s new book, Voltaire’s Vine, is a brilliant study of the enduring relationship between thinkers and their gardens. In this lively and readable collection of critical essays, Young shines a new light on Jane Austen, Nietzsche, Proust, …


Live: Sir Timothy Ackroyd presents Brian Aldiss in conversation with Elliott Hall

Join us for an evening in the company of renowned science fiction writer Brian Aldiss OBE. Mr Aldiss will be discussing his life and work with actor and writer Elliott Hall.


Brian Wilson Aldiss, OBE (born 18 August 1925) …


Live: The Northern Lights with Melanie Windridge, 23 April


The polar lights are a natural phenomenon, often stimulating awe and wonder in those who view them. It is not surprising, therefore, that many polar communities have their own legends or explanations for the lights.


We now know …


Hungarian Folk Music night with the Mentés Másként Trió April 26

We are delighted to welcome back for a second year this outstanding Hungarian music group, with their mixture of spellbinding ancient East European songs and foot-tapping tunes.


Last year the evening ended with us pushing aside the tables and …


Bad Grammar Award starring Jeremy Paxman

Come to the Idler Academy Bad Grammar Award 2014, a thrilling X-Factor for pedants. Your judges will be Jeremy Paxman, Hadley Freeman and Rowley Leigh, and your host will be Tom Hodgkinson. Our illustrious judges will be signing copies of …

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