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New: learn how to sing with our online course

Yes, we are teaching the world to sing. The latest addition to our range of Idler Online Courses is “How to Sing” with Diana de Cabarrus. This is just the thing for anyone who wants to improve their singing voice or who believes they can’t sing. Everyone can sing! Watch the trailer or CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.



Courses flyer for September

Here’s a link to download our courses flyer for September Autumn2014

Summer Opening Hours in July & August

Please note our summer opening hours: the shop will be opening from Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm throughout July and August apart from the week beginning Monday August 11th and Monday 18th August when we will be closed entirely. …

Idle Thought for the Day: Keats on how to be creative

Here is a delicious extract from a letter by Keats, written 19 February 1818, where the poet muses upon the creative power of reading and doing nothing: “I have an idea that a Man might pass a very pleasant life …

The importance of handwriting

4 June 2014: Every day we read a new piece of research which confirms that the old ways in education really do work. The most emailed story in yesterday’s New York Times was a piece on new research which says …

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